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Brendon Sinclair

{ Author of one of Australia's most profitable business books... Once sold $250,000 of a $50 product in 1-hour online... Was Australia's biggest exporter of ugg boots at the height of the ugg boot craze... Owner of one of Queensland's top rated Ad Agencies... Former Ironman triathlete, cycled across Australia in 30 days with his 15yo son... Hunted with traditional eagle hunters of Mongolia atop mountains... Adventure motorcyclist through India and Bhutan... }

A speech tailored specifically for your audience

As an expert conference speaker on marketing and thinking differently, Brendon can tailor a speech specifically for your audience.

No cookie cutter speeches, just original content for your audience.

Just how do you use a broom cupboard to help increase a hospital's profitability by $1 million plus? He can explain.

How can a tiny box of chocolates end up generating $1 million in sales for an accommodation business client? He can explain.

How did Justin Bebier putting graffiti on a hotel wall get one of Brendon's clients nation-wide publicity? He can explain.

Just why did Hamish and Andy make a huge fuss about Brendon's clients on their radio show for 3 months - all at no cost? He can explain.

Thinking differently gets unexpected results.

“Your level of organisation was a very pleasant surprise…..but this kind of process provides some kind of comfort that speaker has given customer a little thought, and not taken a “one size fits all” approach to presentation.”

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Brendon Sinclair - Speaker

Business Motivational

With a huge range of stories and relevant topics, this is his key area.


Brendon reveals the truth about marketing & how to get the most out of it. $1 million from one PR release – Yep! $300,000 in value from gifting a cap – Yep! $1,000,000 in sales from sending chocolates – Yep!

Think Different

With real-world examples of how different thinking can lead to remarkable results.

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Conference Speaker

A few things that make Brendon an expert conference speaker.
What makes Brendon different from the rest?

With 20 years under his belt being, head honcho at Tailored Media, Brendon knows a thing or two about creating a successful business. But HOW he presents his knowledge is what makes him a killer conference speaker. Brendon uses humour to connect with his audience whilst presenting key takeaways. Always inspiring, Brendon peppers his speeches with relatable stories, making him a key conference speaker.

  • Brendon keeps your audience smiling.

  • Brendon gives you knowledge you can actually use.

  • Always inspiring.

  • Brendon includes examples to back up his points.

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See Brendon in action as a conference speaker.

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