March 29, 2017

Inspiring Speakers

About Brendon

brendon-sinclairBrendon is a business guy with a vast array of experience including:

  • Owns one of Queensland’s leading marketing and advertising agencies
  • Marketing for governments ASX 300 companies, national franchises & more
  • At the height of the Ugg Boot craze he was Australia’s largest exporter of Ugg Boots
  • Once sold a staggering $250,000 of a $50 product in just 1 hour online

Brendon also wrote one of the most profitable business books ever by an Australian author (the successful Web Design Business Kit – selling for $247 and now in its 3rd Edition).

For over 5 years he also wrote an e-newsletter on marketing with 1/4 million subscribers.

He’s written thousands of articles on marketing, business and more.

Brendon also has an excellent head for radio having a show on ABC Radio talking all things internet. Brendon is one of the most inspiring speakers you’ll come across.

In his spare time Brendon does a bit of fitness stuff including,

  • Being a former Iron man Triathlete
  • Marathon swimmer
  • Cycling across Australia in 30 days

He’s also motorbiked across Outer Mongolia, around the Kingdom of Bhutan, throughout India, through the Himalayas, across the USA, around both islands of New Zealand and circumnavigated Australia.

After Inspiring Speakers?

So there you have it. As a business man, author and action man Brendon has a fair amount of industry and personal experience under his belt that makes him a worthy and keynote speaker.

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