March 29, 2011

Keynote Speaker- Brendon Sinclair

Brendon’s Focus?

Brendon can talk on all matters of achieving success, business, marketing, SEO and web development.

He can tailor a speech for your audience for your conference or event.

Have Brendon educate, entertain and inspire your team to achieve – learn from a guy who has truly been there and done that, and continues doing it each and every day.

Everything he’s done hasn’t happened by accident – learn from his stories, strategies and actions.

Keynote Speaker

As a keynote speaker Brendon delights audiences with his unique approach to life and presents on topics such as:

1. Social Media Marketing

2. The Future For Marketing Your Business

3. How to market on a budget

What others say about him….

“I must say I enjoyed your talk. I was watching the reactions of some people – they just didn’t know how to take you – but you won them over in the end. Well done.”

“Brendon is a very inspiring leader.  I particularly liked Brendon’s manner and the humour he used to deliver his message. A real person.”

“What I love about you Brendon is you are so “REAL”……..I thought your manner, your content and the way in which you related your life stories to some very practical methods for success were absolutely brilliant.

“If you ever get the opportunity to hear Brendon speak don’t miss the chance to learn something while having a good laugh.”

“I really liked the style of speech, it was well crafted yet at the same time casual.  The content was both insightful and entertaining.“

“…it was light-hearted but info packed. Easy to keep up with, though.”

“Brendon is a brilliant business presenter. His presentations are clear, concise and motivating. He offers advice freely and with great knowledge, whilst at the same time ensures interest with… his wit and his energy.”

“Very down to earth and real. Gave some great info that most people won’t tell you – refreshingly simple and to the point.”

“As we out in the country don’t get many speakers such as this it was a real treat. The presentation via the slide show was very slick.”

“Bloody brilliant – you summed up marketing better than any speaker in my fourteen years…..”

“His self depreciating humour was great, for our students the positiveness of the speech was very motivating.”

“I think it left everyone with a smile on their face .. and he allowed us to laugh at him at times .. which is very clever of him.”

“I loved Brendon’s relaxed way of presenting the info and his humour.”

“Your level of organisation was a very pleasant surprise…..but this kind of process provides some kind of comfort that speaker has given customer a little thought, and not taken a “one size fits all” approach to presentation.”

“Fantastic talk, I only wish we could have organised more time.

“You were a breath of fresh air……particularly enjoyed self effacing style – believe most attractive to an audience who expect consultants to present with heads slightly wider than average.”

“… inspiring and inspirational and I can not express my gratitude enough to Brendon for giving his time so generously.”

“Keep it up.  A breathe of fresh air in the world.”

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