Inspiring Speaker

If you’re looking for an inspiring speaker, then Brendon Sinclair is your man!

  • In 2008 he cycled across Australia – 4,500 kms in 30 days
  • He’s an Ironman Triathlete and Marathon runner
  • He captained his Under 10 Footy team to premiership glory!!
  • He’s the author of an international best selling business book
  • For 5 years Google has ranked him # 1 for “world’s best web designer”
  • At the height of the ugg boot craze he was Australia’s largest exporter of ugg boots
  • He owns one of Queensland’s leading Advertising Agencies
  • Kissed by Errol Flynn’s old girlfriend (who told him he was more handsome than Errol!)
  • He rides motorbikes, wrestles snakes and jumps out of planes
  • Motorcycled across Mongolia, India, Bhutan and more.

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